Castles & Coastlines

Boasting some of the most stunning castles and coastlines in the UK, you are sure to be impressed with the scenic beauty of the regions breathtaking seascapes and historical architecture. Discover unspoiled sandy stretches of outstanding natural beauty as well as picturesque castles steeped in mystery and intrigue, each offering a magical and unique back story of years gone by.  


Behind the scenes tour of Alnwick Castle ·

950 Years of history and magic

One of the UK’s most significant heritage destinations and largest inhabited castles with an incredible story. Enjoy a private tour with an expert guide to uncover the beauty, history and magic of Alnwick Castle.

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Exclusive tour of the historic Newcastle Castle ·

Newcastle City Centre

Newcastle Castle is where the story of Newcastle began and the reason it got its name. Enjoy a private tour exploring the ancient passageways and chambers, discover the hidden stories of the Castle’s inhabitants and take a journey through The Gateway to Old Newcastle.

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A VIP day trip to the magical Holy Island ·


Travel through an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and make your way to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. An intriguing island only accessible at low tide twice a day and home to 16th Century Lindisfarne Castle.

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