After being named the “Best Student Location in the UK” by the Student Hut Awards, there is no question as to why 27,750 students flock from over 130 countries to study at Newcastle’s Russell Group university.

The analysis-intensive uni is well known for its medical, scientific and humanity faculties –with world-leading research and award-winning projects taking place on campus.

But as well as it’s science and research-led background, Newcastle is one of the UK’s leading universities for sport – with more than 50-student led clubs and teams scoring highly in the country’s rankings.

The university also plays host to a large number of indoor and outdoor sports facilities based across the city.

Boasting a plethora of vibrant bars, music venues and foodie hot-spots, the award-winning city makes the perfect place to study for any social butterfly.

Falling in love with the iconic Northern city is easy – therefore plenty of budding students want to stay in the region permanently after graduating.

Luckily for those under-grads, Newcastle is one of the top UK universities targeted by employers – meaning that graduate jobs are available in and around the city.

Newcastle's nightlife is regularly voted amongst the best in the world, with visitors heading to the city to experience an eclectic mix of evening entertainment.

Students won’t fall short when it comes to comedy clubs, boutique bowling, cinema, immersive theatre, late night cafes, clubs and bars, and more.

The city also has an impressive restaurant scene, with quirky street-food eateries such as Stack and By The River Brew, Michelin-Starred House of Tides and local favourites such as Blackfriars and Peace and Loaf.

With a strong sense of community on campus, it doesn't take for undergraduates to settle in – as senior students arrange a freshers week as an easy introduction into university life.

Over 300 volunteers are on hand throughout the week to help ease international students in - so by the time teaching starts, pupil are relaxed and looking forward to their time in Newcastle.

To inspire the world’s research - choose Newcastle.