Health and Wellbeing in the North East

Take some time out away to rest, rejuvenate and relax by enjoying some of the best outdoor activities the region has to offer.. 

Beach Yoga ·


Escape the hectic uni schedule and head to King Edward’s Bay to practice beach yoga – where you can explore mindfulness, fitness and relaxation against the backdrop of one of the UK’s finest coastlines. Students can stretch away their troubles and learn the ways of the spiritual practice whilst taking in some fresh North Tyneside air. Benefits of the unusual seaside activity include improved mind-control, fitness and stress relief – making it the ideal go-to activity for second and third year Newcastle and Northumbria students in particular.

Kayaking ·


There are few rivers in the UK that are more iconic and recognisable than the Tyne – so why not dip your toes in the water and try kayaking along the meandering Quayside. See some of the North East’s most beloved views from a completely different angle as you don your wetsuit and gently climb into your paddle on the Tyne. Make sure to get plenty of photographs as you pont your raft underneath the seven recognisable bridges of NewcastleGateshead, ticking off each one with a selfie as you go. Professional guides are on hand to safely lead you through the route, and the tour is taken at a relaxed pace to allow you to take in the whole experience.

Hike Hadrian's Wall ·


Lace up your hiking boots and boldly step along the rugged pathway of Northumberland’s Hadrian’s Wall – where you can follow in the footsteps of hardy Roman soldiers. Although this is one of the North East’s most famous tourist attractions, don’t be fooled into thinking that this UNESCO World Heritage Site is just simply an Instagrammable beauty spot. You can hike along almost every inch of the exhausting 84-mile pathway, past ancient settlements and venerable forts, from Cumbria to North Tyneside. Walking the walls is a perfect way to freshen any student mind.

Horse Riding in Saltburn ·


Feel the salty sea breeze brush your face as you gallop down the white sands of Saltburn, Teesside, on an unforgettable horse riding experience. Rid yourself of all your stress as you become at one with the horses and trot in the sea, as if straight out of a film scene. It’s not a secret that spending time with animals is one of the most mindful exercises that you can experience – so you are guaranteed to feel both care-free and fulfilled after spending time with the riding school at Saltburn. This is also the perfect experience for any undergraduates who are practising animal-related studies.