Unique Experiences in the North East

One-of-a-kind activities are what everyone is looking for! Whether you're an adventure seeker, culture buff or a food fanatic the North East has an experience to explore your passion..  

Whitewater Rafting at Tees Barrage ·


Be thrilled as you are thrust down the choppy waters and steep drops in a white water raft at the Tees Barrage. Although you’ll be soaked to the skin, you will feel the exciting rush of adrenaline as you furiously paddle along the waves, sharp turns and the UK’s steepest white water drop. This extreme experience is the perfect team-building exercise for Teesside University freshers, making an unforgettable memory of your time at uni.

Star Gazing in Northumberland ·


When the darkness falls over the county of Northumberland, that doesn’t mean that your time of sight-seeing has to be over. With many mind-bending sights amid the night’s sky, there are a number of different Dark Sky Discovery Sites in Northumberland where you can go to catch a glimpse of the magical star maps and constellations. Kielder Observatory is one of the most popular places to visit, due to its remarkable astronomical observatory dome – which is deeply hidden away from any city light pollution.

Surfing on King Edward's Bay ·


Steady your wobbling feet and stretch out your trembling knees for the first time as you get to grips with the strange phenomenon of surfing at Tynemouth. Become at one with the waves as you hurtle towards the sand, riding atop your trusty surfboard. With the local surf school run by a former Team GB captain, and a senior RNLI lifeguard as the head coach, you are definitely in the most capable hands as you try out this extreme experience.

Harry Potter Broomstick Training ·


Rid yourself of any inhibitions and regress back into childhood as you mount your broomstick and take part in one of Alnwick Castle’s world-famous flying lessons. You will be stood in the exact spot where Harry Potter first learned to take to the skies, as lessons are held where the blockbusting Philosopher’s Stone was filmed. With the guidance of an eccentric professor, you will be able to properly master the art of flying – and lessons are free with an admission ticket into the castle.

Drink freshly brewed beer at Wylam Brewery ·

Newcastle upon Tyne

Take a completely different approach of a student night out and sup on a freshly-brewed beer at Wylam Brewery – located in the middle of Newcastle’s Exhibition Park. Serving the freshest Wylam Beers on keg and cask, the brewery’s exclusive tap room pours brews and blends that can strictly only be found within its cosy confines.