Landmarks and Attractions in Durham 

Playing host to one of the most globally-recognised UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a bunch of award-winning attractions, Durham has a lot to brag about…

Whether you want to get hands-on with history, experience some family fun or simply surround yourself with natural wonders, Durham is the place to be. This ancient county has its fair share of attractions and brings in scores of visitors each year – meaning it must be doing something right! Join the crowd and visit County Durham.


Durham Cathedral ·

Durham Cathedral, The Cathedral Office, The College, Durham, DH1 3EH

Famed across the globe thanks to its UNESO World Heritage Site status, Durham Cathedral is without doubt one of the star attractions of the region. With its looming halls, intricate glass windows and never-ending corridors, the inside is just as intriguing as the out of this grand building – which can be seen for miles. Visitors can get a taste of the times when exploring this treasured 12th-century relic.


Beamish Museum ·

Beamish Museum, Regional Resource Centre, Beamish, County Durham, DH9 0RG

Time-travel through the ages and look on in awe as you wander through the largest open-air museum in the North. Completely immerse yourself in the historical wonders of Beamish as you walk along the cobbled streets alongside petticoat-clad women and men suited up for the times. With a full-scale bakery, sweet-shop, garage, bank and a running tram line, you can spend your visit living as you would in the 1920’s.


Raby Castle ·

Raby Castle, Staindrop, Co. Durham, DL2 3AH

Discover serenity as you stroll through the incredible walled gardens of Raby Castle. Filled to the brim with unique plantations and wild deer, this castle is perfect for visitors who want to experience the “quintessentially British.” Behind the grand exterior of this 14th century castle hides a plethora of different artwork and antique furnishings which are absolutely enchanting to behold.


Bowes Museum ·

Barnard Castle, County Durham, DL12 8NP

Fascination meets creativity across the many exhibits that Bowes Museum has to offer. Whether you are interested in textiles, instillations, ceramics or straight-forward paintings, the Bowes Museum is the perfect place to celebrate the arts in all its glory. To add to the delight of this attraction, these treasures of artistry are kept inside a sprawling French mansion – which is itself a beauty to behold.


High Force ·

The High Force Hotel, Alston Rd, Forest-in-Teesdale, Co. Durham, DL12 0XH

Witness the force of this incredible natural feature, as gallons of rushing water plummets down into the gorging pool below. Set amongst acres of enchanting woodland and stunning Teesside countryside, High Force is full of raw and unfiltered beauty waiting to be explored. This wild phenomenon is the perfect stop for thrill-seekers and intrepid adventurers alike.